I strongly believe that everyone has the potential to exceed their capabilities and achieve their goals, although there can always be elements that block the process. Whether you want to improve your personal relationships, improve your leadership skills or achieve success in sporting activities, I am here to support you every step of the way. Through personalized coaching programs and group support, I provide you the framework to discover the tools you need to overcome challenges, develop new skills and transform your life. I encourage the client to become more self-aware and explore new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving in relation to themselves, their situation and their goals.

What does coaching really mean?

Coaching is a tool for personal and professional development that focuses on accompanying individuals or groups to achieve their goals and maximize their performance. Coaching is based on a relationship of trust and respect between coach and coachee, within which the coach supports his client in identifying his resources, develop his skills and achieve his goals.

Coaching can be applied in a variety of fields, such as leadership, business, education, personal development or sports. The coach can use different techniques and methods to help the client develop his skills, such as open-ended questions, active listening, constructive feedback, development exercises and action planning.

The coach does not impose his own solutions, but helps the client to find his own answers and options by exploring his inner and outer resources.

importance of coaching

In the current context, the competition and pressure from the professional environment, sports and personal life are higher and higher, and the importance of coaching is more and more obvious. A coach can help a client develop his skills and adapt to changes in his environment, find direction and purpose in his career or personal life, and improve his performance.

Coaching can also be helpful in dealing with stress and anxiety, which can affect performance and overall well-being. Through coaching, a client can learn stress management and mental health techniques, as well as gain greater confidence in his own abilities.

In the sporting environment, coaching can be essential for developing athletes’ physical and mental skills, as well as managing stress and performance pressure. Through coaching, athletes can learn to set goals and develop confidence in their own abilities, which can lead to better and more consistent performance over time.

coaching sessions

mental coaching

Athletes need guidance and support to reach their true potential, both on and off the field. Coaching sessions can help you develop your mindset, improve your focus and overcome the mental barriers that prevent you from playing at your highest level.

executive coaching

Whether you are a first time manager or already have management experience, coaching sessions complement your overall performance as a leader and help you achieve your professional goals. We work to identify and develop effective communication and decision-making strategies within the company.

group coaching

Experience the power of group coaching and achieve your goals more easily with like-minded people. We provide a collaborative and supportive environment where you can share your experiences, gain new perspectives and guidance.


It was a very pleasant experience to do a few coaching sessions with Ionuț, during the period when I was super stressed about the residency exam. I had no idea that I could find the answers and solutions to my challenges on my own and that coaching is not actually consulting.

Andreea D., resident physician

Ionuț is an empathetic person, a good listener, who knows how to ask the right questions and even take you out of your comfort zone to bring you as close as possible to achieving your goals. At the end of the coaching sessions, I realized how self-doubt on a personal level can be reflected in professional development and how I can focus on the positive aspects of life.

Ioana B., software engineer

From the moment I became the manager of my team, the imbalance between personal and professional life became even more pronounced and I feel that it helped me a lot to turn to coaching. I managed to develop strategies to better manage my time and reduce my stress level, while also becoming a really good leader for my team.

valentin p., operational Manager

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